Razer’s Mouse is an all-in-one product, says CEO

Razer has announced its first product for the PC gaming industry: a mouse that works on all three of its platforms: the Xbox One, PC and mobile.

The Razer Mouse was announced at CES this week.

Razer’s founder and CEO, Marc Newson, described the mouse as a “mobile gaming device for the home.”

The mouse is designed to run Windows 10 and Android 8.1, and the company says it will work with Microsoft’s Surface RT tablets and the forthcoming Surface Pro 3 laptop.

The mouse was designed for PC gaming, where it can be used for both casual gaming and more competitive competitive multiplayer gaming.

Razer said it plans to sell the mouse for $399.

Razer also said that its first line of Razer mice will be $299.

This is just one mouse, but Newson said that the mouse’s design will “go beyond just being a mouse.”

The Razer mouse will come with a USB cable that plugs into your TV, or it can connect to your PC using a USB-C to USB-A cable.

The company also announced a few new features for the mouse.

First up is a feature called the Razer Aura, which it said is designed for “intense motion.”

You can use the Razer Mouse’s triggers to move the mouse, tilt it, and zoom in and out.

Second, Razer’s new sensor technology will allow the mouse to detect when you’re in a different part of the room, such as a hallway or an office, and will be able to turn the mouse on and off to adjust the sensitivity, as well as adjust the size of the mouse itself.

Razer claims the Razer mouse’s sensor will “be able to detect and react to the movement of the user as well,” and that it will “offer real-time feedback and user control to the user.”

Razer also added an “active tracking” feature that can automatically adjust the mouse size based on the distance you’re walking away from the mouse at any given time.

Finally, Razer also revealed a new keyboard dock, called the Wacom UltraSmart Mouse, which is a wireless keyboard with built-in tracking, which can be connected to a USB port on the computer and used to send notifications and text messages to the mouse and other accessories.

The new mouse is expected to be available for pre-order in the third quarter of this year.

Razer is also launching its new SteamVR gaming headset with the Razer HyperX Cloud, which uses sensors and software to provide users with virtual reality.

Razer says that the Razer hyperX Cloud is designed “to create a truly immersive VR experience by enabling the user to feel like they’re in the room with their computer.”

Razer’s goal is to make the HyperX headset a standard component for every computer on the market.

Razer will be releasing a few more mouse and gaming peripherals in the second half of the year, and Newson says the company plans to offer new mouse and mouse accessories to the public as early as next year.

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