How to fix a faulty Redragon mouse (or, in the case of this model, the entire Redragon line)

A faulty mouse.

The red and black mousepad.

The clicky clickyclickyclick of the mouse.

Red and black.

That’s what the mousepad is.

When you first put your new mousepad on the keyboard, it will feel just like a regular keyboard.

But when you use the mouse, it’ll look a bit like this: The blue lines indicate the mouse buttons, and the red is where the mouse cursor is.

The problem is, the mouse pad is just too big for your fingers.

This problem has been a long-standing annoyance in the mouse business for some time.

But now the problems have come to a head with a new update to the Redragon lineup, and that update has caused the mouse to suddenly disappear.

In the past, mousepad-free mice have been offered for under $30.

Now, though, you’re going to have to fork over more money to get one of those mousepads.

That price is just about as high as you’ll find in a standard mousepad, and you’ll have to buy a lot of accessories to get it to work properly.

Redragon mice are notorious for not working correctly, and when that happens, you have to resort to trying to fix the mouse yourself, which can be difficult.

Luckily, a few tricks are available.

First, though you’re likely to have the problem yourself, we’ve provided the instructions for how to repair the mouse that we found most useful, and we’ll walk you through them step-by-step.

If you want to be safe, we recommend trying to remove the mouse from the keyboard first.

To do that, use your mouse on the top-left of the keyboard and press the two buttons on either side of the bottom-right mousepad to release the bottom row of the cursor, which will take you to the top row of your keyboard.

If that doesn’t work, the best thing to do is to remove a rubber boot pad that you might have lying around.

To remove the rubber bootpad, hold down the mouse button for a few seconds and then pull it out with your thumb.

You should see a strip of plastic wrap.

Use your thumb to gently pull the rubber pad off the keyboard.

It should look something like this.

To make sure that the rubber is removed properly, press and hold down on the button that holds down the rubber.

This will cause the rubber to move to the side, which is what you want.

Next, take a piece of cloth and wipe the rubber off the sides of the button, which should now look like this and remove the pad.

Use a fingernail or toothpick to gently remove the plastic wrap and the pad that holds the rubber onto the keys.

You may need to wipe the plastic pad with a wet tissue, as well.

Next time you use your new keyboard, you’ll be able to move the mouse and move your fingers without the need for a mousepad at all.

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