Microsoft and Oracle have teamed up to create a new version of software that can do real-time video editing

Microsoft and the software giant Oracle have joined forces to create an app called Vintr, which Microsoft hopes will make it easier for users to create and edit videos in the cloud.

The company said the Vintro app, which was announced last month at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, will allow users to edit videos and photos in real-world locations.

It will also allow them to create videos in real time, creating the opportunity to capture a video of a concert and share it with friends, the company said.

The Vintrobate app will be free for existing users, but the company is offering free updates for users who sign up for the app and for existing customers who are already using the app.

Vintro will be available for download through the Microsoft Store and through the Vimeo website, Microsoft said.

The app will also work with Microsoft Edge browser, a Web-based video editor.

The Vintros app will work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Avid Media Composer, Microsoft added.VINTRO is available for free for current and prospective users of Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription plan, which offers full Office 365 access.

The new Vintroid will be accessible for $3.99 a month.

The app, launched by Microsoft last month, will work on Windows, OS X, and Linux, and it will be compatible with both Android and iOS, Microsoft officials said.

Users can create and upload video and photos, which can then be used for editing and sharing.

The video editing app will have video previews so that users can see how the video looks before they edit it.

Users can also choose to add a title, title tag, or subtitle tag, depending on what kind of content they want to edit.

The creators of the video can also customize the appearance of their video and make the video look more like a movie.

The video editing service will be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The company has a “virtual video editor” on its cloud platform called Vistro.

The software is intended to help businesses work faster by providing users with video editing tools to help them manage and manage video files.

Microsoft announced the partnership with Oracle in November after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

Microsoft has also partnered with Adobe and Adobe Systems, and has hired a video editing expert from Google to work on the video editing program.

The new Virtro app will offer the ability to create video content that will appear in a variety of ways.

It can be viewed in different ways on Windows 8.1, the latest version of Windows.

It is also compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016, the version of the operating system that Microsoft is selling to customers.

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