Why is there a huge gap between the top earners and the bottom?

What makes a person the top earner?

This question was posed to me as I spent the past few months reviewing my salary.

It is one of the few questions that I don’t know the answer to.

And it is one that the questioners asked me in the hope that I would give them some guidance.

After all, it is an interesting question, one that has been asked in the hopes that it would help me figure out how much money I should be making.

But before we dive in, let’s first get a bit of background.

I am a software developer for a small software company called Redhat.

I’ve been with Redhat for three years, and I am currently a full-time employee.

I was born and raised in India.

I’m from a very poor family, and until a few years ago I was one of just four of my family to graduate from high school.

I moved to India after a short period of time, and after attending the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), I got my master’s degree in computer science and software engineering in India in 2016.

After graduating, I took a job at a small online game development company called Furry Adventures.

After a few months there, I left the company.

I had already been in my last job at Redhat before I started at Furry Adventure.

The company, as it turns out, had been in the news a couple of years before I joined the company, and it had gone through a lot of changes.

For example, the company had recently closed a deal with a gaming company called Nexon to create a mobile game.

The deal was a win-win for both parties, as Nexon got to create more content for the mobile platform, while Redhat got to gain some income from their newly-acquired Furry Entertainment.

The team at Fasty Adventures was made up of two engineers, two programmers, and two designers.

They also had a front-end developer, a backend developer, and a web developer.

When I first started at Red Hat, I was hired to work on an internal project for the company called Virtual Reality.

We had an office in Bangalore, India, where we worked on a bunch of internal projects and developed our own mobile VR apps.

At that time, I worked as an engineering manager, a product manager, and an engineering evangelist.

We all worked on VR.

After that, Red Hat acquired Furry Games and started developing a game called Vixen.

This was the first game that I worked on at Red Headets, and that game has gone on to be a huge success, and has become one of my favorite VR games of all time.

So, Red Headings had a team of developers that was responsible for the development of Virtual Reality, and as a result, the team also had to work in VR as well.

When we started the project, we had to develop a backend system to handle all the data that would be generated during the game, and the backend system was a bit tricky.

It was a very small game, so the backend systems had to be very large.

As we were developing the backend for Vixens first game, we noticed that we were using a lot more memory than the backend that was being used in the first-person shooter.

As a result of this, the backend needed to be upgraded from the backend in the previous game to the backend used in VR.

We also discovered that our internal team had not been spending enough time on VR development, and had a backlog of VR related work that they needed to do.

We were constantly trying to get new people on the team, and this time, it was not easy.

It took me a while to get on board with VR, and while it was exciting to have an opportunity to be part of something bigger, it wasn’t for everyone.

I still struggled to get used to the idea of VR, as I had a hard time accepting it as something that I needed to work at.

And then, I stumbled upon the Kickstarter project for Virtual Reality that had recently been announced by a big game publisher.

At the time, this project was just starting to get traction and it was one that had a lot in common with Virtual Reality and Furry.

At first glance, it looked like a big success, so I thought, OK, this is what I want to do now.

I signed up to be the lead developer of the project.

I started off by talking to some people on my team about what the project was about, and they were excited to help with it.

So I started thinking about what it would take to get the game out.

I spent a lot time trying to think of ways that I could make VR easier for developers.

After spending a lot too much time on that project, I decided that I was going to be working on VR for the rest of my career.

After working on that VR project for a while,

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