‘The Dark Knight’ star’s latest book: ‘A lot of the best advice we’ve ever gotten is from people who have been there’

It is one of the most widely admired works of art of the modern age, and a highly influential book for those who want to understand how people made art, whether it is an old painting, a comic strip or a song.

But the book by Oscar-winning cinematographer Benjamin Bratt and co-author Robert Miller, titled “A Lot of the Best Advice We’ve Ever Got From People Who Have Been There” , was published online on Monday.

It is also an unusual book, in that it doesn’t just tell the story of the work, but also the people who made it, and how they got there, Miller told ABC News.

It’s the first time an award-winning film-maker has tackled the subject of film.

The book was written by the two men, who met when they were both working as assistant cinematographers at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the late 1990s, and who became friends while they were studying at the same university.

Miller, a film producer, said he was surprised that he had found such an author in the book.

Bratt, a filmmaker who worked on films such as “The Deer Hunter” and “Camelot,” said the book was a big inspiration to him.

He said he knew Bratt as a cinematograph student and knew that he was a talented filmmaker, but he didn’t think he would write a book about the process of making a movie.

“When I read the first sentence of the book, I knew that I was in for something big,” he said.

“He went into the book with an understanding that he wasn’t going to be able to make this film, but I thought that’s where he was going with it.”

I felt that he really wanted to share what he knew about the art of film and he was able to do that, because of his experience and the way that he grew up,” Bratt said.

The book was published in paperback in April.

Miller and Bratt met in 2010 when Bratt was directing the movie “The Big Sleep” in Los Angeles.

He had just finished his second feature, “A Good Man Goes to War,” and Miller had just been promoted to cinematographic supervisor for a film that he wanted to shoot.

They bonded quickly, and they began working together in the summer of 2011.

They were already known as “creative guys,” Miller said.

He was an avid student, and Bratts was a budding filmmaker, as well.

He loved the work of filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott, and he admired their craftsmanship.

He felt the book would give him a deeper understanding of how the art form was made.”

It’s not the first book I’ve written, but this is the first I’ve shared publicly.””

I wanted to tell you that I feel you’ve given me a lot of great insights into how the creative process is done.

It’s not the first book I’ve written, but this is the first I’ve shared publicly.”

Miller said he had no prior knowledge of Bratt’s film work, nor had he ever been asked to do so by Bratt.

“He has such an amazing understanding of what makes a film great,” Miller added.

“It’s not just about his style, but how it’s built and what you’re able to see in it.”

Miller and the two began working on a project that would eventually become “The Dark Kitten,” which was shot on location in a suburb of Los Angeles, and which was released in May 2012.

The film won an Oscar for best picture, and won three Academy Awards, including best picture for “The Artist” and best director for Bratt, who was nominated for directing the film.

Miller said the experience of working on “The Kitten” helped him to understand the importance of people’s collaboration.

“We’re not just talking about making films,” he wrote.

“We’re talking about collaboration.

It doesn’t happen by chance, and it’s very difficult.”

Miller is the author of the new book, “Lonely, Cruel and Dangerous: The Untold Story of Benjamin Bratts’ Unsung Filmography,” which will be released on Monday, Aug. 27.

It will be available for $20 from Apple, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.

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