Gearbox Software founder discusses his vision for the future of video games

AUSTRALIA’S video game industry is about to enter uncharted territory, with Gearbox founder and co-founder Randy Pitchford speaking to a conference packed with investors.

Read more: Gearbox’s chief executive Randy Pitchf has been named chief executive of ZeniMax Media.

The former CEO of the independent video game developer is set to become the CEO of Zenimax Media after leaving its parent company in April this year.

His appointment will see him become the company’s third major leader following the departure of Chris Roberts and Jason Rubin, who had led the company for 20 years.

Pitchford said the announcement would be an opportunity to redefine video games and help define the next generation of video game.

“This will be an important step in my career, but more importantly, it will help define our company and the next decade of our industry,” he said.

“I’ve always been an optimist and I want to be optimistic, but we will all benefit from this.”‘

This is a new world’Gearbox is a video game development studio that’s made some of the most successful games of the past decade, including the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto series.

Its recent successes have brought the studio more attention than ever before, with the announcement of its next major project.

Pitched as a return to the classic open-world adventure genre, ZeniMAX Media’s “Ascension” is set for a 2018 release on the Xbox One and PC, with a third-party release on PlayStation 4.

It will be a return for the company to its roots, with previous titles such as The Last of Us and The Last Guardian being re-imagined for consoles.

“It’s a new story, and a new game, and new vision for what we do,” said Pitchf.

“What makes us different is that we want to deliver more content, more to our fans, more for players to enjoy.”

We’ve never been a video games studio.

We’ve always focused on creating the best games possible.

“He said the studio had a “unique perspective on how to make games that make you feel good”.”

This is not a game that’s going to sell you a bunch of games,” he added.”

If you buy an Xbox One game, you’re not going to spend money on that.

You’re going to buy a game because you want to play it.

“But it’s a game where you can tell that you’ve really made a difference.

It’s a video-game experience that you’re really happy with.”

Ascensions release date, pricing and release date have not been revealed.

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