Canadian government to scrap ‘one person, one vote’ citizenship rules

Canadian immigration officials are proposing to scrap the concept of “one person one vote” citizenship rules that will be implemented starting next month, according to the Canadian government.

The proposed changes, which are expected to be announced Tuesday, would replace the current system in which an immigrant’s citizenship is based on whether they are Canadian citizens or not.

In 2016, the federal government introduced legislation to amend the Citizenship Act to replace the “one-person, one-vote” system with a new system in Canada, which would give more rights to citizens.

Under the proposed changes for 2019, immigrants would have to meet a number of criteria to become citizens, including a Canadian residence and an age of 25 or older, with at least a four-year Canadian education and a permanent permanent resident status, according the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Department.

The change would apply to immigrants who had lived in Canada for at least five years before entering Canada, and who were granted permanent resident or citizenship status under the new system.

Citizenship applicants would still have to pay the citizenship fee in advance and would still be subject to the requirements for proof of residency.

The changes would also make it more difficult for immigrants to apply for citizenship, with applicants facing a more rigorous screening process.

The proposal is a reversal of a previous proposal by former prime minister Stephen Harper to introduce a “one citizenship, one voting” system.

But the proposal has been met with opposition from some in the Liberal Party, which argues that it is not in the best interest of Canada’s economy.

The Conservatives are also calling on the government to remove the citizenship test from Citizenship and Nationality Act documents and for Canada to adopt a “multi-cultural approach” in which immigrants are given citizenship based on their ethnic or cultural background.

Canada’s immigration minister, Chris Alexander, says the government is proposing changes that will ensure that immigrants have a “right to citizenship” and not only a right to citizenship.

“These changes are the right thing to do.

They’re the right change for Canada,” he told CBC News.

“We need to keep the doors open to people who are really trying to build a life here in Canada and want to contribute to our society and to contribute towards our prosperity.”

But the Liberal government has not released details of how the new citizenship rules would work, or how many immigrants would be affected.

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