How to use Blender to create 3D models of your favourite games and movies!

In this article we will walk you through the steps necessary to make a simple model for your favourite game or movie.

If you are a video game fan like us, you probably already have a game or film in mind.

For example, we used the Unity3D game Blender a few months back.

To make your own 3D model, you will need to have a bit of time and a bit more creativity.

To get started, we have included a simple template for your first game or movies. 

You can easily download it from here: You will need the following tools to create a 3D object: Blender source Time source 1.

Open Blender, click the file tab, and then the “Import” tab. 


Choose the file that you want to import from your computer or SD card. 


Click the “Open” button. 


Now we are going to import a 3d model of your game or trailer. 


In the “Create” tab, choose the folder you want your 3d object in. 6.

Next, choose a camera to capture the scene. 


Click “Save” to open the file in Blender. 


Once you have your object in Blenders, select the camera you want and then press “Create”. 


If all went well, you should see the 3D scene in Blendertool. 


The scene is now ready for you to play around with. 

We have included the basic tutorial for all the steps of creating a 3DFX file, so you should have a pretty good idea how to use the tool.

To create your own Blender file, you can click on the “Tools” menu and select the “File Manager”. 

In the “Edit” window, you need to click on “Open All” to select all of the files on your computer. 

Click “Save File”. 

When you are done, click “Close”. 

You will now see your 3D file in the Blender project viewer. 


Now you can export it as a PNG file. 


To save the image to your SD card, open Blender and select “Save Image”. 


Save the file to a directory that contains your 3DFx file, like “C:\Games\MyGame”. 


Now go to your game folder, and open the “MyGame” folder. 


Navigate to the “C:/Games/MyGame/Game_Data” folder, then open the folder containing the 3DF X file. 


Select the “Gfx.3DFX” file, and click “Save”. 


When the file is saved to your “C/Users/kalz/Documents/My Games” directory, go to the folder where the “Game_Script” files are located. 


Navate to the file you just saved, and right click on it and select Save As… 


Now open your game and press the “Save As” button to make it available in Blending. 


When you are finished, open up the “Games” folder in Blowing out your game’s file.

 You should see your file in a new window. 


You have now created your very own 3DF file for your game! 

Now, that you have a nice 3D image, it’s time to use it to create something cool with the Blenders tools.

What are the Blends tools?

The Blenders Tools are the software used to produce 3D objects. 

The Blender software comes in several different flavours: Blender 2D: This is a 2D rendering tool that can be used to create models and objects.

Blender 3D: 3D modelling tool for Blenders. 

Blendering 2D (Blender’s 3D software): This is an alternative 2D software for Blender 2Ds and 3Ds. 

Branding 2D, or “Blending” 2D 3D (or “Blender 3Ds 2D”): This software for 3D drawing is a combination of 2D modelling and 3D animation. 

Clipping: A simple 3D editing tool for artists. 

Materialize: A 2D 2D tool that allows you to render a 3DS-like surface. 

Model Editor (Blenders Unity tool): This allows you create 2D objects in Blends Unity. 

Pixmap Editor (Pixmaps 2D) (Paintware): This 2D drawing tool is the equivalent to a 2d 2D brush, and can be extended to 3D shapes.

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